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7 Part-Time Jobs Perfect For College Students

Thursday, June 15, 2017

If you’re a college student, you’re probably strapped for cash or want some more to realize your dreams and wishes. Here's some good news: you don't need to wait until you get your diploma to start earning decent money on the side.

Here are 7 part-time jobs that are just perfect for college students looking for a way to earn cash without affecting their college lifestyle.

1. Babysitter

You might be thinking that babysitting is something people do in their teens, but you're missing out on an amazing opportunity for supplementing your college budget.

If you're free on certain days of the week, you can use these hours to babysit kids while their parents are working. You could be turning your free afternoons into babysitting gigs as well. Have a look at Care.com to find families near you who need a sitter.

2. Social media assistant

Are you a social media pro? Then you've got a skill on your hands marketers are willing to pay for. You're young and you know how people your age use social media – and that kind of knowledge is valuable to companies targeting that type of audiences.

You can work part-time as a social media assistant doing management of social media channels or assisting companies with content marketing (for example, writing blog posts or participating in online forums). That kind of job can get you even $20 an hour!

3. Academic tutor

Are you amazing in calculus or chemistry? You can become an academic tutor. If you excel at a topic, you can use your knowledge to earn some cash tutoring students who struggle with the subject.

Just set an hourly rate and meet students on a regular basis to reach performance goals that you agreed upon earlier. You can also help high school students in preparation for ACT or SAT exams. 

4. Freelance writer

You can write from home or school – as long as you deliver great content, your employers will be happy. If you're pursuing a degree in journalism, that kind of writing experience is incredibly valuable.

Have a look at platforms like ProBlogger to find writing gigs. Define your niche and write about topics in which you have a degree of expertise.

5. Fitness instructor

Do you love to work out? You can make a side job out of it. As a fitness instructor, you'll be teaching classes in spin, yoga, Zumba and more. Check in with your local campus gym if they need any extra staff. Some courses might require certifications as well. You'll be helping other people get fit while earning some decent cash to invest in your dreams.

6. Sales representative

Companies hire sales reps on remote basis, so if you've got some killer persuasive skills, you could try your hand at becoming one. With some time and effort, you can be working from the comforts of your home and bring in some serious cash flow.

7. Campus tour guide

If you're outgoing and know your campus like the back of your hand, you should consider becoming a campus tour guide. You'll be responsible for providing tours and information to students and their families who visit the campus.

It's a very satisfying job because you'll be helping young people pursue their passions. By advising parents about the campus culture, extracurricular activities, and other important aspects of campus life, you'll be doing a great job for your college and prospective students.

These 7 jobs are easy to fit into your college schedule and will bring you plenty of satisfaction from earning money on your own.

About our guest blogger: Anne Willson is a blogger based in Sydney, writing for several online magazines and managing a small marketing team at BizDb.co.nz.  She loves to travel and discover new cuisines.


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