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Help Your Employees Save for College & Pay Down Student Loan Debt

About Gift of College At-Work
Gift of College helps your employees address one of their most critical concerns: paying for higher education.  A simple tool like Gift of College can go a long way in relieving employee stress and improving financial wellness. Best of all, you don’t need to decide which 529 plan to offer.  Gift of College enables employees to contribute to ANY state's 529 college savings plan and ANY student loan account. The decision is theirs, not yours.
Our easy-lift solution has two easy-to-implement approaches:

Auto-Payroll Deduction
Provides a streamlined approach for employees to pay down their own or a loved one’s student loan debt through automated payroll deductions into most any 529 college savings, 529 ABLE, or toward any student loan account.   This includes optional employer match or contribution functionality.
Gift Cards
Our gift card is employee-friendly, and an economically sound and seamless way to give or match into any 529 plan or student loan for rewards, recognition and special occasions.
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